Residential Home Pest Control

Residential Home Pest Management


Our residential pest control technicians will inspect for conditions conducive to pests and make any recommendations for their control.  They will then implement a specific treatment plan using the highest quality products and most effective and current methods. Some of the insects controlled are spiders, box elder bugs, earwigs, grasshoppers, flies, mosquitoes, pavement ants, crickets, and wasps.  Some insects can be beneficial while others are potentially dangerous or detrimental to your health and the sanitation of your home. Our home pest control services begin with identifying your problems and specifically targeting them with the appropriate corrective and preventative actions.


The Right Program to Fit Your Needs


Whether you are just looking for an outside barrier treatment, or you have a severe problem inside, we have several programs available to fit your needs.  We will adjust our home pest control treatment schedule to fit yours, and will accommodate your needs and desired results.  We can develop the appropriate program for your property with your help and input.  Our technicians strive to take care of the pests outside before they come inside which is accomplished by careful observation and appropriate action.    We also offer specialty interior services to take care of pests who thrive inside of homes like cockroaches, bedbugs, and ants.


Are mice in your house a problem?  We have unique and very effective rodent control programs to keep them outside where they belong without using any poisonous rodent bait inside the home. For larger vertabrate pests, Specialized has offered highly reliable wildife control in Utah for years!


We would be delighted to help you solve your pest problems and protect your home and your family.